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The trend of solar powered homes is moving from the popular west coast, nationwide, allowing homeowners to combat energy costs by giving back to the power grid. Some of these homeowners are even realizing a small profit. When Walmart is putting solar panels on their buildings, I think it's time that everyone else start thinking about it. 

What is curbing energy consumption? The answer is really common sense. Builders are smartly designing the layout of homes and features such as dual paned windows, air tight duct work, high caliber wall andattic insulation are considered with great detail. When paired with solar energy, which is captured through panels these homes are feeding electricity back into the grid. 

It is true that in the sun-scarce days of

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A fixer can be the greatest investment you will ever make, or it can be a huge disaster and money pit. Fixers are great as they are not contingent on the conditions of the real estate market. Any time is a good time to buy a fixer. Lower sales price, less competition (not many people want to buy fixers), and the infinite potential for re-sale.

What should you look for in a fixer? Here are a few suggestions...

Location. You have heard this time and time again. Always remember this valuable piece of advice! Buy the fixer in a desirable neighborhood, with good schools close by, it will make it easier when you go to sell the home. Configuration. How is the house set up, are the bedrooms separated, kitchen on the main floor, etc.? Layout. Is there an open floor

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When looking for homes to purchase, many times we look at so many and just cannot find the perfect house. There is a simple and more affordable solution than you may think: build a home. 

Depending on what your budget is, you can customize every aspect of your new home or you can choose from a range of already existing floor plans and features. Building allows you to have complete control over the way your home is designed, you will gain knowledge and have expert advice right at your fingertips. The builders and contractors will be taking care of the permits and thinking about the codes that need to be followed, leaving you with peace of mind. 

A new development of land called Cedar Ridge in Kingston New York is the perfect place to build your new

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Buying or selling a house is sometimes an overwhelming prospect that can leave you with stress and anxiety. Hiring a real estate agent here at Murphy Realty Group can alleviate that stress, here are some reasons why:

  1. Education and Experience - Years of training and experience makes our agents well aware of all the ins and outs of the business. Most likely, they have seen it all, which will make negotiating a breeze.

  2. Agents Act as Liaisons - There are multiple calls that need to happen, an agents phone is always ringing. Buyers and sellers can be pushy, agents will guard against bad deals. 

  3. Area Knowledge - This is an agents job...think of them as your personal concierge, especially if you are from out of town. They know the area, how to

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Spring is just around the corner and is a time when sellers are ready to call an agent and get their home on the market. Preparing and staging your house is beneficial for both obtaining maximum price and for selling quickly. Taking the time to prep your home, turns it into a desirable and very marketable property that buyers will certainly be interested in. Consider the next few ideas before doing anything!

  • DO NOT LOOK BACK. Look toward the future! Part with or separate yourself from your house – imagine that it is just someplace to stay temporarily. Look at it as if you will be handing over the keys any day to the new owners.
  • DE-PERSONALIZE. Buyers often have a hard time looking past personal photos of family and what you like to call,
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Thanksgiving in Ulster County is always a beautiful time of year. The autumn foliage is still bright and colorful; and decorations are put up, giving that warm glowing feel. The community comes together offering celebration and services to everyone. Some travel to be with friends, family and loved ones, while others open their homes to host Thanksgiving Dinner. If you're like many, who scramble with getting everything prepared, here are some good, and odd tips that may help make things a bit easier in preparing for company......

Cleaver Cleaning Tips!

  1. Eliminating Pet Hair - To pick up pet hair, put on a wet rubber dishwashing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces. The hair will stick right to it. 
  1. Shaving Cream to clean kitchen/bathroom tiles:
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1. Give your house a good cleaning. Make sure everything smells nice, and is squeaky clean! It is always easier to picture yourself in a clean home, than a dirty one!

2. Try and store your more “personal” touches. If a house is more generic looking, people tend to be able to imagine them living there. If you have picture everywhere, and your figurine collections and so on all over the house. People looking at your home can get overwhelmed by your stuff, and not even see how amazing your home is!

3. Try painting your walls more neutral colors. I went into a house the other day where every wall was bright green, eggplant purple or some other very distinctive color. Now, I am a Realtor and I can look past that, but it is in the same vein as all your personal

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