Thanksgiving in Ulster County is always a beautiful time of year. The autumn foliage is still bright and colorful; and decorations are put up, giving that warm glowing feel. The community comes together offering celebration and services to everyone. Some travel to be with friends, family and loved ones, while others open their homes to host Thanksgiving Dinner. If you're like many, who scramble with getting everything prepared, here are some good, and odd tips that may help make things a bit easier in preparing for company......

Cleaver Cleaning Tips!

  1. Eliminating Pet Hair - To pick up pet hair, put on a wet rubber dishwashing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces. The hair will stick right to it. 
  1. Shaving Cream to clean kitchen/bathroom tiles:…

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Fall is here, for the Hudson Valley! Ad the colors are finally beginning to come to life. The first frost of the year has come and gone, and that marks the start of the truly gorgeous colors starting for the season. The full palate of colors is arriving. And, even though the fall colors are arriving late this year, they are as beautiful as ever! These next few weekends before the end of October are the rime weekend to come and see the fall foliage in Ulster County!

Ulster County Fall FoliageThere are many scenic roads Through out Ulster County and the Hudson Valley. If you are coming up from the city, a suggestion, rather than taking the thruway, tries taking one of the slower, but more…

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1. Give your house a good cleaning. Make sure everything smells nice, and is squeaky clean! It is always easier to picture yourself in a clean home, than a dirty one!

2. Try and store your more “personal” touches. If a house is more generic looking, people tend to be able to imagine them living there. If you have picture everywhere, and your figurine collections and so on all over the house. People looking at your home can get overwhelmed by your stuff, and not even see how amazing your home is!

3. Try painting your walls more neutral colors. I went into a house the other day where every wall was bright green, eggplant purple or some other very distinctive color. Now, I am a Realtor and I can look past that, but it is in the same vein as all your personal…

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Every real estate brokerage has to have a website in this day and age. But, not all websites are created equal. Some brokerages feature only their listings, and don’t really offer any services or any help with the process of home buying or selling. When you are the fastest growing real estate firm in the county, you have to match your growth, with the technology you are using! We, at Murphy Realty Group, have stepped up our game for the internet age. Not only to do we want to advertise our listings and agents on the internet, we want to provide an easy to use website for consumers and provide tools and information.

On our new website, we will offer something every similar to what agents encounter with…

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