Easy Ways to Help Your Home Show Better and Sell Quicker!

Posted by Murphy Realty Group on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 3:04pm.

1. Give your house a good cleaning. Make sure everything smells nice, and is squeaky clean! It is always easier to picture yourself in a clean home, than a dirty one!

2. Try and store your more “personal” touches. If a house is more generic looking, people tend to be able to imagine them living there. If you have picture everywhere, and your figurine collections and so on all over the house. People looking at your home can get overwhelmed by your stuff, and not even see how amazing your home is!

3. Try painting your walls more neutral colors. I went into a house the other day where every wall was bright green, eggplant purple or some other very distinctive color. Now, I am a Realtor and I can look past that, but it is in the same vein as all your personal things, some people might only see the paint, even though it is an easy thing to fix.

4. De clutter your house. If you have everything out on the counters, and lots a of furniture everywhere, people will have a hard time walking around your house, and won’t be able to see the bone structure of your house. Ian easy flow in a house leads to people feeling more comfortable and making better offers!

5. Take your pets with you when there's a showing or an open house is coming up. If a person loves the house, but hates cats, and your cat is crawling all over them, guess what, they are not making an offer on your house. It goes along with “neutralizing” your house. Make it a clean palate to let someone else paint their picture of living there!

6. Clean up your front yard, and repaint the door. The Curb appeal will get people in the door! If they see an open house, to an amazing landscaped, neat home, people are going to want to stop and take a look!

7. Replace any non working light bulbs! It is better to see you’re self in a well light and maintained house than a poorly light dark one.

8. Have any leaks or drips, fix them, it isn’t a huge deal, but don’t give someone the excuse to not like your house.

9. Re-caulk around tubs and showers, new caulk looks better than old caulk.

10. Hire Murphy Realty Group, we will make your home the most competitive listing in your area! Stop by 304 Wall Street in Kingston. Or, give us a call at (845) 338-5252

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