Spending time in the Hudson Valley for the Holidays? Here’s a few of our favorite holiday events happening this winter! 

  1. Snowflake Festival - Kingston, NY

Head to Uptown Kingston on December 3rd from 6-8pm for the return of the Snowflake Festival. A family-friendly event with an array of holiday-themed performances, exhibitions, entertainment, and open stores offering treats and warm beverages to all visitors.


Snowflake Festival - Kingston, NY

Photos above of KUBA’s 2019 Snowflake Festival include images by Robert Gaston and Veronica Fassbender

  1. Sinterklaas - Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck hosts it’s annual Sinterklaas Festival this year on December 4. A day-long affair featuring children’s workshops, dance, theatre…

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If you spent any time watching the real estate market throughout the year, it is easy to see that inventory, pricing and overall activity is highly subject to seasonal trends.  In most cases, spring is the busiest time for home shopping but is it always the best time to buy?  Home buyers looking for a home in the Hudson Valley area of New York state are often surprised to learn autumn is the second most busy time for home real estate transactions and opportunity is the main driver.   Beyond the financial advantages of buying in the fall, the aesthetics of the Ulster County foliage makes it the right time to go out and look for that new home.  Here are some of the advantages of buying your home now instead of waiting for spring.

Tax Breaks


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Bring on the heat! Summer is the best time for vacation, house cleaning, and overall relaxation. The three hottest months of the year are also the ideal time to make a move in the Ulster County real estate market. With one month to go, there is still time to get out there and look.  Here are five good reasons to not put off that home search.

1. The kids are out of school

Juggling your schedule with the kids' obligations at school is hard enough. Adding the notion of home buying to the mix is a recipe for overload. Imagine yourself trying to make it across town in the middle of the day to view a home with the knowledge that your daughter's soccer practice starts in less than three hours. Such is the headache of buying a home when school is in…

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Ulster County Home Value

Today’s Ulster County homebuyer starts their journey on the internet the majority of the time. With the formation of national sites like Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow, understanding the "true state" of the local market is more confusing than ever. These non-local services try provide intelligence by giving automatically generated property values. While these figures can provide some indications, they can never replace the true worth provided by a seasoned realtor that is local to the Ulster County area.  The big national sites use an algorithm to give an educated guess. In many cases, it can provide an estimate that is far from accurate.  To find an Ulster County home value, a realtor that is well versed on the market in the area is the best bet.…

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Ulster County Low Inventory

Home inventory may be down right now in the Hudson Valley but don’t let that stop you from searching for your dream home. To accommodate for the low inventory, you need to make a few changes to the way you shop. The methods used in a buyers’ market are very different than those used in one where the seller has just a little more control. So, here are a few things you need to do to ensure you are successful in your search.

1. Don’t Go Too Low on Your Opening Offer

Sure, you’re on a budget and want to get the house you need within those parameters. Remember, the seller has a loan to pay off and needs to get the equity from their home. Are you one of those people that like to give a low ball offer to see where the seller stands? There is a one in a…

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Spring, the season of hope, is upon us and if you have been waiting to sell or are contemplating selling your home in the Ulster County area of the beautiful Hudson Valley, there are many reasons to be hopeful. Spring 2017 promises to be a fast moving market with strong demand and not enough homes coming to market. When demand outweighs supply, home sellers stand to profit. 
But, savvy home sellers know they have work to do before putting their homes on the market. And, after this Winter, there may be more to do than usual. Let’s make a checklist and start planning before we list your home For Sale.   

Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal is super important. Experienced brokers say that curb appeal is important because buyers often make a…

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Tiny House and Green Living Freedom Fest, New Paltz

Across America, there has been a new trend in the housing market that is changing the way that people view a comfortable lifestyle, and it’s making its way to Ulster County. That’s right! Tiny houses are making their debut on this July 1st and 2nd. The Ulster County Fairgrounds will be hosting the Tiny House and Green Living Freedom Fest which will display about twenty five tiny homes for people to check out.

What’s the Big Hype about Homes So Tiny?

Let’s face it, tiny homes are cute and fun. However, aside from just being a fad, people are genuinely becoming interested in owning a tiny home for the long haul. There are various reasons for all of this tiny house attraction. Singles, couples, and small families alike find this new way of living…

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Ulster County Farmers Market

With the recent warm weather it is hard not to think about all the great farmers markets that pop up all over Ulster County.  Farmers markets are a center point for any growing community and it can't be truer than for the Hudson Valley. With the ability to bring people close together over wholesome food, it is a perfect meeting spot for any group or family. Mainly, combined with all natural and locally sourced food, it provides a clear example of what community in Kingston NY means.

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Protect the Environment

How long do you think it takes for food to get to your kitchen? Can you believe the answer is over 1,500 miles? Another question for you, do you think that food is still fresh after 1,500…

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Kingston StockadeIt looks like the new soccer team, Kingston Stockade, is putting Dietz Stadium in Kingston, NY on the map!  Taking the field at Dietz Stadium in Kingston for the first time in club history, Kingston Stockade recently won their first game against the Rhode Island Reds and the following day they scored another victory with a win against Greater Lowell United, from Massachusetts.

Just as impressive as their initial home-winning streak was the attendance for both matches -- more than 850 people per game.  The lively atmosphere was established well before the first ball was kicked, thanks to the amazing drumming of POOK (the Percussion Orchestra of Kingston) who accompanied the players onto the field, setting the mood and drumming the team to success!

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Trout Fishing in the Hudson ValleyPerhaps it is the fickle unpredictability of a trout fish that lends the mystique of trout fishing as something like going after the Holy Grail.  Those who fish describe it as a magical, yet exhilarating experience, bathed in tranquil scenery and clean water.

The Hudson Valley has excellent trout-fishing streams and creeks including the Esopus Creek which runs a good length of Ulster County and feeds into the Ashokan Reservoir.  State environmental officials have stocked more than 4 million fish this year, including 2.3 million catchable-size fish and nearly 2 million yearlings that will grow and be catchable in the future.

Never miss a trout season again with this beautiful country home for sale in West Shokan -- walking distance from the Ashokan…

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