Tiny House and Green Living Freedom Fest, New Paltz

Across America, there has been a new trend in the housing market that is changing the way that people view a comfortable lifestyle, and it’s making its way to Ulster County. That’s right! Tiny houses are making their debut on this July 1st and 2nd. The Ulster County Fairgrounds will be hosting the Tiny House and Green Living Freedom Fest which will display about twenty five tiny homes for people to check out.

What’s the Big Hype about Homes So Tiny?

Let’s face it, tiny homes are cute and fun. However, aside from just being a fad, people are genuinely becoming interested in owning a tiny home for the long haul. There are various reasons for all of this tiny house attraction. Singles, couples, and small families alike find this new way of living to be simplistic, yet adventurous and energy efficient all at the same time.


For one, going tiny supports a minimalist, more simple way to live. Some couples see it as a way to raise little ones to appreciate all that they have and live out the saying “less is more,” not to mention instilling the concept of conservation. Others see it as a way to spend more family time together outside of the home. For them, saving money on a smaller house lends more resources to be able to do more traveling, create more memories and enjoy life.

For the experienced mortgage payer of a larger home, making a decision to shrink the living space not only supports a simplistic lifestyle, but is a way to cut down on overall expenses, big time. By downsizing, not only would one be saving capital by paying less on housing and living expenses, but one would be forced to get rid of excess paraphernalia and encouraged to practice less spending habits. 

For the Adventure

Another reason why so many are flocking to the idea of living tiny is because of the adventure they could have. Just imagine the thrill of being able to just get up and go... Many tiny home owners on wheels take their home anywhere they want to go; perfect for vacationing and perfect for those with traveling careers such as freelancers or traveling professionals.

Along with the joy of having a home become mobile, there is an excitement surrounded by the selection process of finding a tiny home and then customizing it to fit the needs of the occupants. From enjoying the use of loft areas, putting in unique appliances to having clever organizing, such as hidden cavities for extra storage to make the most use out of a more confined space, people can enjoy putting together their tiny space to their own liking. Then there is always the opportunity to add personal touches that will make them feel right at home including skylights, front porches, etc.

Energy Efficient

A big benefit to deciding to go tiny is energy conservation. A small house means smaller uses of energy needed to heat up a home in the fall and winter months and or to cool a home during the summer. 

There are additional ways that tiny home buyers can look into to conserve energy even more. By attending the the events this July, those interested in this more minimalist way of life will also have an opportunity to get information on the use of solar power for their tiny home as well as using geothermal and wind energy sources.

Owning a Tiny House in Ulster County

Tiny houses on average range around 300 square ft. in size. Some people prefer a bit more space, while a few may actually settle on a place even more tiny. The typical price for the average tiny house will be around 40,000.

For those interested in purchasing land to settle on will find that the prices in Ulster County are quite fair. Depending on how much land you are looking for and the precise location, you may be looking at prices between $500 and $20,000, leaving the overall cost of going tiny still all in reason.

Most tiny homes can be parked in locations where one would park an RV trailer. This is because they are small enough to be hauled on trailers for convenient maneuvering. So the same parking codes would apply.

Your Chance to Be a Tiny House Owner

So remember, the weekend of July, 1st and 2nd...write that down! Plan to come to the Ulster County Fairgrounds for the Tiny House and Green Living Freedom Fest. It will be the perfect opportunity for you to explore and inquire about some tiny homes for yourself.  In the meantime, If you are interested in seeing Tiny House models now, Tiny Houses of the Hudson Valley. A reputable tiny house builder here in the Hudson Valley.


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