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Ulster County Real EstateMoving to a new place can always be a little nerve racking, I should know because I am a professional at moving! You get to a new area, you love the house, you are surrounded by your stuff and your loved ones but, outside of that property line can seem like the Sahara when you don’t know what to do, or where to go. There are a number of reasons why a person might want to, or have to move. Whether it is for your job, family, or just because, you always wish that you had a cliff notes of sort for the new area!

 Ulster County is one of the easiest places to move to. Besides being rich in history and culture, along with some of the most outstanding views, from gorgeous mountain ranges to spectacular Hudson River views, the Hudson Valley area lso has a good availability of things to do, and the people here are quite friendly! The area really has something for everyone. If you are into hiking, food, wine, kayaking the list goes one, you will be able to find something here you love and a group of your newest and dearest friends!

For the more needed, and not so entertaining information, the best place to go or call is your chamber of commerce website. One thing I will mention, that in Ulster County it is required by law to recycle. For more information on that please feel free to call the Hudson Valley materials Exchange’s Distribution Center at (845) 567-1445. We also have a wide variety of transportation services, through out the county, and to and from New York City. We also have carpool and vanpool services. So, there is no need to fear moving to the country, and paying out on those rising gas prices!

Ulster County Real Estate

One of the first things I recommend for people who move to a new area to do is, find out where your local parks are and take a family trip there! It is a great way to get a feeling for the area, and who doesn’t like a nice barbeque or picnic! We have some of the nicest state park and historical landmarks you will ever come across. So there is plenty to do while you are getting settled in and area. Another great way to meet people, and see what grows or is sold in your local area is to go to one of the numerous farmers’ markets there are in every town on the week. They generally run from late spring to early fall. They have a wide variety of produce, meats, spices and other local goods. It is a great way to see what exactly is available in your town, because many local merchants set up booths there to sell and advertise their wares. It is a great place to pick up a sandwich, snack or some sweets! Everyone is in a good mood, enjoying their weekend, many people bring their dogs and it is great way to talk to the local residents and makes some new friends. There are also many local fairs and events throughout Ulster county, especially in the summer!

Our local restaurants are as numerous as they are delicious! We have every restaurant that you could imagine. From fresh and healthy to deep fried and greasy, no matter what is delicious. Ulster County also has many wineries, some of the oldest ones in the country, and we also offer many micro breweries! Restaurants that offer house made beer like the Gilded Otter in New Paltz as a wonderful rustic atmosphere, delicious food and you can actually see the tanks where they make their beer, and root beer! My recommendation is get one of the growlers, to try a variety of beers, and get the basket of Wisconsin Cheddar cheese curds, you can thank me later. They also have a children’s menu.

Another way to meet people, and figure out the area is to volunteer locally! We have many wonderful non for profits and museums that you can volunteer for. It is a great chance to feel good about what you are doing and meet new people!

So if you think you might want to move here, let me assure you it is not as scary as it seem. When you decide that you want to start looking, come visit us at Murphy Realty group on 304 Wall Street in Uptown Kingston. We can help you way any and all of your real estate needs!


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