Boiceville NY Real Estate Buyer’s Guide

Boiceville NY Real EstateBoiceville is a small community located within the Town of Olive at the intersection of NYS Route 28 and 28A. The hamlet is at northwest end of the Ashokan Reservoir. The world renowned Esopus Creek trout stream runs through the heart of the community fed by the mighty Catskill mountains. Boiceville is primarily residential in nature, with a fair amount of seasonal residents, and a small number of backyard farms.

Boiceville NY Real Estate

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Boiceville Scenery

One of the biggest advantages of living in Boiceville is the beautiful scenery. There are many people who move to the area to be close to nature that is indigenous to Upstate New York. With the Catskill Mountains and the Ashokan Reservoir close by, the area has a lot of things to offer people who enjoy being in nature. Not only are there nerby mountains to hike in the warmer seasons and ski in the cooler months, the reservoir provides a habitat for an abundance of beautiful wildlife. Boiceville, like the rest of the Hudson Valley, is a beautiful landscape of forests and water bodies. Many people who retire move to the area in order to connect with natural surroundings. If you love the outdoors, living in the Boiceville area is a great choice for your next home.

Boiceville Real Estate Trends

Boiceville New York has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country today. With so many people moving to the area, prices continue to increase every year. Boiceville NY Homes for sale usually have an offer within a few hours of going on the market. If you are going to find a home that fits your budget, you need to work with a quality real estate agent who knows the area well. This is why working with Murphy Realty Group makes sense. This company has served the local community over the years in many ways. Now is a great time to look at various real estate listings in the area. With this team, you can quickly find a property and make an offer on it.